Rants, Raves and Todesengel's Opinions

Time for me to shoot off my mouth. There are some fic references here. Why? Because I have a very large ego.

First, we have a rant on how I write. Because I think you want to know that sort of thing.

Followed up by three more writing rants: fic polishing, fic impetus, and sentance construction

The Bad Guy's Survival Guide. I think it's funny.

Lessons I've Learned from Voltron; Or Why Canon Is Violated More Often Than Keith

Evolution of Character. Because nothing stays the same.

A rant on smoking. Because I don't.

Warning, sense of humor required.

Pet Peeves; aka, things in fanfic that irk me.

The Fine Fine Line; or 'I'm squicked and I need to discuss'

Obscure Slash, my ode to Voltron

The fuck?

The Attack of the Girly Men

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