Keith: And now, Todesengel tells the story of what he likes to think of as the evolution of his "writing process" in the Voltron fandom, even though none of this is in chronological order. And it's told in third person. Why? Because he's weird that way. My advice? Skip all this crap and go to the plain and simple version, which tells you flat out what links go to what stories, and what those stories are.

In the beginning there was the beast, alternatively known as Broken Wings 1 which was followed, in varying degrees of speed, by Broken Wings 2, 3, 4, and, finally, 5.

But, while the beast was being fed, Todesengel was beset by plot bunnies and so he wrote another fic, in which somebody knows something, but Todesengel isn't sure who that is, which was written because Keith and Lotor wouldn't leave him alone (this being before Keith realized what a silly idea it was to beg Todesengel to write fics). And everything was good, because the angst level was low. But there was a roadblock in Broken Wings around this time, so Todesengel wrote the fic where Keith had cancer and ran out of time and died (for the first time) which didn't really help with the block, but it made Todesengel feel better. So he wrote another deathfic during some downtime, where Lance was evil and kind of weird, then another one which starred Sadist!Sven and involved some serious Keith torture via bondage and a little rape. By the time Todesengel wrote his first (and only) Acoustic songfic, Keith was beginning to catch on to the fact that, hey, he was dying a lot in comparison to the other members of the Voltron force. Unfortunately for him, Todesengel managed to squeeze out a fic based on the poem "O Captain , My Captain" by Walt Whitman, and then the fic catch in which the Voltron Force first caught a glimpse of Todesengel's strange obsession with World War II, before Keith got it together enough to go on strike.

Thus began a series of furious debates over Keith's contract, in which people screamed and things got broken, and Keith only showed up for fics in which he wasn't tortured, and the other members of the Voltron Force had to take up the slack. This led to golem and shakes where Hunk got tortured. Then Pidge got the once over, which left Sven speechless, but Pidge wasn't a good subject because his true nature kept being revealed, so his stint as the protagonist was terminated. But Todesengel thought Sven made a good subject, so he was thrown into the fire, and came out relatively whole. Lance got left alone at this point, because he was Todesengel's favorite, and Todesengel found it damn hard to slash Lance without Keith.

But, because Todesengel couldn't sustain the angst level so long as Keith wasn't there to egg him on, Hunk and Sven went for a lunch break, and Pidge muttered uncomplimentary things about the commissary's rice. A game of Clue was played, Pidge and Hunk had a conversation about ownership after an aborted attempt at sex and Star Wars was shamelessly mutilated. Todesengel thought it'd be cute to write a fic about seeing the world through purple glasses after having to do so himself for two weeks. Keith deigned to watch a movie, although he walked out before the ending. Lance said it was to go fishing, but Allura, being the silly girl that she is, believed Keith went to tell fairy tales to the village children. Pidge thought she was living in a fairy tale world, but wisely kept his mouth shut and went out into the hallway until he could get a handle on his cynicism.

By this time, Todesengel was scraping the bottom of the plot-bunny barrel. The non-striking 4/5th's of the Voltron Force banded together and forced Todesengel to accept Keith's new contract that prevented Todesengel from expressly killing him off, just to prevent stories like this from happening again. And, because Todesengel is just a wuss that way, he caved and wrote Keith and Lance a happy fic that was all about kismet and the omniscience of Hunk. And, since halloween was just around the corner, he wrote a werewolf fic and a slightly darker fic that was all about the Lance torture. He also wrote a sappy fic for his high priestess forest, and two song fics that make allusions toward Keith as god and satan. And one of Keith as an ass just for the hell of it.

While dwelling on Keith as evil, albeit not a particularly adept incarnation of evil, Todesengel began to wonder if Keith and Lotor could be convinced to work together, because any thoughts of evil automatically lead to Lotor (and Sven, but Keith was a little frightened of Sven at that moment). Deciding that they could be forced, Todesengel wrote a trilogy of fics inspired by the song "Brother My Brother" by Blessed Union of Souls. Keith wasn't particularly happy with this turn of events, because high levels of angst loomed ahead, he couldn't do anything because his contract never said he couldn't be tortured. And Todesengel found a loop hole in the contract because as long as he killed off other people too, Keith could still die.

But then a dear friend died and all Todesengel could do was grieve.

After that Todesengel was all about the silly angst to cheer himself up, so instead Keith was given driving lessons, and the Voltron Force was chibi-ized. And there was a breakthrough in group so the VF didn't have to be liquidized.

Unfortunately for the Voltron Force (but very fortunate for everyone else), Todesengel's birthday rolled around and as a present, forest wrote a continuation of one of Todesengel's fics which blossomed into a mini-arc. And Todesengel knew that the beast was nearing completion, so he started on two new long fics, one begins in 1941, France, and another that comes in shades of grey.

Lance and Keith, however, wouldn't work on either without some form of payment, so they had sex. And then they had some more because Todesengel was horny, and Keith and Lance like to rub in the fact that they have more sex than he does. That Keith and Lance could have sex was quite the accomplishment, really, since Todesengel has a problem with writing/reading sex scenes which manifests itself in rather embarrassing nosebleeds, so he had to type both fics with his head tilted back. At least, that's his excuse for the shoddy descriptions and poor grasp of gammar/spelling.

But the thing was, by this time, Broken Wings was almost finished, and Todesengel began to stall. So he wrote a little fic about Pidge and Keith and the stars and felt a little better. And there was a challenge on vying to write an Angsty Addicted Academy Keith fic, which led Todesengel to flashbacks of life he'd never lived, so the fic ended up being a variation on the Keith-torture theme. But Todesengel has enough psychological scar tissue that there's no end to the plot bunnies. Besides, Todesengel thinks the combination of Hunk, Keith and angst is very nummy.

The beast was finally completed, though Todesengel swears that any day now, he's going to go back and rewrite the entire thing. On the list of the possible, it ranks right after "Take over the free world" and right before "get laid". But at least it was done and the VF lived happily ever after, only not really beacuse Todesengel still had fics bouncing in his mind and the boys were trapped in a room to commemorate the grand re-opening.

At any rate, Todesengel thought he deserved a bit of a break for being over and done with the beast, so he threw himself a little party, where he drank until he was sick and made a fool out of himself in front of all of his friends by pretending to be a Simon and Garfunkel singing cowboy. It was not a pretty sight, largely since he kept getting his signals crossed and thought that his friends rather enjoyed his unique rendition of 'I am a rock' and kept returning to the stage for imagined encores.

Needless to say, Todesengel was feeling rather unwell the next morning and all he wanted to do was lounge about in his PJ's and give in to his childish whims for a while. Unfortunately, those unspoken wishes of his were to remain unfulfilled, as around this time he learned that he'd been a wee bit too affectionate the previous night, having kissed not one but three people at that party. Which might not sound like much but was quite shocking to Todesengel. To Todesengel, sex is just sex, but kissing is something far more intimate.

Keith, rather unsurprisingly, took every opportunity to gloat over just how cheap a Todesengel really is; although Todesengel is fairly certain that some of the stunts Keith claims he got up to were merely exaggerations. As far as he can recall, he took things nice and slow. But, as Keith is quick to point out, Todes is getting on in years and his memory isn't what it used to be. He isn't burnt out yet, though, and his muse can still think of 101 ways to drive him bonkers -- even if, sometimes, he has to bribe the muse with a cookie.

Time having passed and it being warm, Todesengel took a little break from sanity and let the website languish for a while, and wrote a series of fairly cracktastic fics, mostly centered around scruffy-ness and Keith's reactions to the Scruffy. And then there was some twincest and a little light bondage and an experiment in narrative and Hunk learned that fragging the wrong person can have consequences. Keith thought that all this crack was because Todesengel ate some funky brownies and thought he could fly; Lance thought that Keith was just bitter because Todesengel really likes playing around with Devil!Keith. Of course, Todesengel has a rather screwy concept of angels, so Keith let things lie for a while.

But then Todesengel started messing around with canon and his own personal fanon and the VF unanimously decided that drastic measures had to be taken. Especially since Todesengel rather gleefully wrote bad sap with not a hint of regret for inflicting such pain upon his readers.

So Keith took St. Patrick's day off, and Lance went with him and Todesengel was forced to find new things to play with. Unfortunately for the VF, Todesengel's obsession with stump-fic reasserted itself. And while Hunk tended to get the majority of the stump, nobody was really safe.

Todesengel was, in fact, so ready to write something new that he even brought Lotor out to play. Which, really, wasn't the smartest thing in the world since Lotor is notoriously fussy. He even did a Hunk/Lance pairing -- which is a pairing he just doesn't do.

For a while he contemplated squicky things and their effects on the boys. But he got over that too and wrote some schmoopy Keith/Lance fic about winter. And, because it 'twas the season, hanukkah fics. Because Todes is Jewish and sort-of proud of it.

And that's where things stand right now.