For JoAnn--Star Trek: DS9

It was like nothing else that had come before, and it would be like nothing else that could come after. It was home and Odo basked in that.

The cool wash of a thousand minds brushed up against him, ebbed away, cradled him. He felt their love, the pain of having caused his illness, the horror at his actions,

You have harmed another Changeling

Anger, red and harsh.

Sadness, so dark a blue as to be black.

Regret, a pale purple.

An explanation --- that the solids didn't all think alike, that there were some who had harbored no distrust for the changelings until the changelings had planted it within them. That, in the absence of others of his kind, the solids had become his family.

Confusion rippled through the Great Link.

They didn't understand his trust.

He wished he didn't understand their fear.