For JoAnn--X-Men

It was all about the feeling of air rushing beneath your feet, feeling it whistling past your ears, tugging at your hair. That was what drew them together, the appreciation for soaring, unencumbered, through the clear, blue sky.

Hank leapt and at the peak of his jump, he felt Warren's arms wrap themselves around his waist and pull him higher into the sky. He felt the strain of Warren's wings, heard the rhythmic, soothing sound of air being pushed down. The ground dropped away, the mansion grew smaller and smaller.

"Emulating Icarus are we?"

"Don't worry. My wings aren't going to melt." Warren was going for glib, but Hank could hear him gasping, just a little. "Now stop squirming, or I'll drop you."

Hank laughed, and they rose higher.