the handsome man

1. And Lo, whilst still a child, there came before Christ a Handsome Man.

2. And to Christ the Handsome Man spoke, saying: 'It's been over 400 years. Haven't we given each other enough space?'

3. And Christ was filled with the Spirit of the Lord and from the mouth of Christ came the voice of the Lord who said unto the Handsome Man: 'Do you admit that you were wrong?'

4. And the Handsome Man said: 'I wasn't the one who cheated.'

5. And the Spirit of the Lord was sorely vexed and said: 'Cheated? Cheated!? How dare you accuse me, the Lord your God, who created you from the nothingness of void and gave you purpose, of cheating!'

6. And the Handsome Man did shrug and said: 'Well I certainly didn't come up with the concept.'

7. And the Spirit of the Lord did sulk and would not answer the Handsome Man.

8. Then did the Handsome Man look upon Christ and he did so with pity and he said unto the Spirit of the Lord: 'You're very cruel, you know.'

9. And the Spirit of the Lord said: 'I am Just.'

10. And the Handsome Man sighed and said: 'Your Justice is not always pleasent.'

11. Then the Handsome Man went forward to Christ, and touched his face and kissed his forehead and the Spirit of the Lord did become mollified.

12. Then did the Handsome Man quit the place where the Christ-child was and the Christ-child took up his toys and returned to his play and thought of the Handsome Man no more.

13. But the Spirit of the Lord did.

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