Manifesto (15.12.05)

(or Gratuitous Egoism part II: Son of the Gratuitous Ego!)

So I've just come to the realization that people might be stumbling across this site and being horribly scarred for life because they casually click on a fic link and proceed to read something that they're really just not ready for because, dude. I don't do warnings and labels and the like. I'm, like, above labels, man. (Okay, honestly, I'm just so goddamn lazy that I can't be bothered to put warnings on shit, mostly because I'm just a tiny voice in a large crowd and everybody who wants to read the fics on my site has probably already read them before and they just don't want to have to go trolling through various and assorted archives)

Personally, the thought that I might be scarring poor innocent souls with something other than terrible writing makes me grin like the wee deviant that I am. However, in the interest of my ego, I feel like I should at least put up little page that says something about who I am and what I write and what y'all can expect to find here.

To start with, I'm a big lover of the slash (or yaoi, or BL or the evil that is the homosexuality or whatever you want to call men getting it on with men). The majority of my fics are about men loving men in a way that is entirely non-hetero. So if that's not your thing then you might just want to leave now. Also, so you know? If you send me an email ranting about how reading about homosexuality or even thinking about it turns kids gay, and I should be ashamed of myself because as we all know the homosexuals are taking over the world and then were will we be, hmmm? I'm just going to laugh my ass off and then send said email around to my friends to laugh at, or possibly sign you up for daily hardcore gay pics, or something. 'Cause I'm a cool cat but my friends? They can be real bitches (for which I love them dearly).

Sometimes I write gen.

Once in a very, very blue moon (or at the request of someone I dearly love) I will write het.

First off, I don't really do smut. I mean, I don't even pretend that the boys aren't humping each other like randy goats, but I generally sort of gloss over the actual sex bits. Partially because I'm still a young'un and I get embarrassed; mostly, though, it's because you can only type 'cock' or 'dick' or 'penis' so many times before you get desperate for a little variety and down that path leads 'throbbing man stick of butt-fucking goodness' and, yeah. Better to stop now while I'm ahead.

If I do write smut, it's generally just. Well. Bad is kind of inadequate. Eye-gougingly horrid is a bit of an over-statement, but not by much.

Let's just say that physical porn is not my strong point and move on.

I've got a wide range of tastes when it comes to writing things (and I'm not talking fandoms here). I like writing the funky and strange. I like writing the dull and the stodgy and mundane. I get off on quiet domesticity and slow, golden moments like Sunday afternoons of a time created by Hollywood filmmakers. I like understated love and love that moves slowly like molasses, just seeping in and being there.

However. My biggest kink? Darkness. I love writing fics that are dark. I love writing broken, fractured characters. I like characters in pain. I like characters struggling to make it through one day at a time. I like twisted relationships that aren't about mutual love and respect, but rather about mutual need -- need like addiction, need like air. I love writing about war and soldiers, about nice guys killing and become jaded to death, about addiction and loathing. About being broken and being put back together, about breaking, about shattering and never being fixed. I like writing about control issues and about people wresting control from other people. I like writing about people taking advantage of the power they have over others. I like writing about wanting and not having. I like making people uncomfortable, sometimes, and feeling empathetic for the bad guy because I don't do one-dimensional.

To be a bit more blunt, my current favorite-piece-of-fanfic-that's-refusing-to-be-written is all about Sven being over the moon in love with Keith and showing this love by pimping Keith out to the rest of the VF boys.

It's a happy fic.

Yeah. I've got a seriously whacked definition of happy.

The other fic-arc-thingy that I'm working on is all about Keith and Pidge being raped by Zarkon and then everybody having to deal wit this fact.

That's the not-so-happy fic.

I don't really do the sweetness and light bit.

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